Nasal Planum Vasculopathy in a Scottish Terrier DogTreated with Ciclosporin and Endonasal Stents

26 de abril de 2020

Vasculopatia de Plano Nasal em um Cão Scottish Terrier tratado com Ciclosporina e Stents Endonasais


Roberta Sartori, Valeria Colombo, Silvia Colombo, Chiara Noli


A two-year-old, intact female Scottish Terrier presented with one-and-a-half-year history oferosive and ulcerative lesions affecting the nasal planum. Clinical appearance, history, histopathology,and response to therapy were suggestive of a rare vasculopathy of the nasal planum that has beenpreviously described in Scottish Terrier dogs. In previously published reports, medical treatments ofthe disease had failed, leading to euthanasia of five dogs, while a short-term follow-up was availablefor one case that was controlled with prednisolone and ciclosporin. The dog reported herein wassuccessfully treated with medical therapy consisting initially of a combination of ciclosporin andprednisolone and endonasal stents applied over the first six months. Stents were inserted in orderto prevent abnormal scarring and nostril stenosis. More than one and a half years after diagnosis,the dog is still being administered ciclosporin once daily, breathes normally, and has an optimalquality of life.


vasculopathy; nasal planum; Scottish Terrier; ciclosporin; endonasal stents

palavras chave

vasculopatia; plano nasal; ciclosporina; stents endonasais

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