The Role of Vitamin D in Small Animal Bone Metabolism

6 de abril de 2021

O papel da vitamina D no metabolismo ósseo de pequenos animais


Rafael Vessecchi Amorim ZafalonBruna RubertiMariana Fragoso RentasAndressa Rodrigues AmaralThiago Henrique Annibale VendraminiFernanda Chicharo ChacarMarcia Mery KogikaMarcio Antonio Brunetto


Dogs and cats have differences in vitamin D metabolism compared to other mammalian species, as they are unable to perform vitamin D cutaneous synthesis through sun exposure. Therefore, they are dependent on the dietary intake of this nutrient. The classic functions of vitamin D are to stimulate intestinal calcium and phosphate absorption, renal calcium and phosphate reabsorption and regulate bone mineral metabolism. Thus, it is an important nutrient for calcium and phosphorus homeostasis. This review highlights the evidence of the direct and indirect actions of vitamin D on bone mineral metabolism, the consequences of nutritional imbalances of this nutrient in small animals, as well as differences in vitamin D metabolism between different size dogs.


1,25(OH)2D3; 25(OH)D; calcium; cat; dog; nutrition; osteomineral homeostasis; phosphate.


Cálcio; gato; cachorro; nutrição; homeostase osteomineral; fosfato.

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