The role of cat eye narrowing movements in cat–human communication

13 de outubro de 2020

O papel do movimento de fechar os olhos na comunicação entre humanos e felinos.

Tasmin Humphrey, Leanne Proops, Jemma Forman, Rebecca Spooner & Karen McComb

Domestic animals are sensitive to human cues that facilitate inter-specifc communication, including cues to emotional state. The eyes are important in signalling emotions, with the act of narrowing the eyes appearing to be associated with positive emotional communication in a range of species. This study examines the communicatory signifcance of a widely reported cat behaviour that involves eye narrowing, referred to as the slow blink sequence. Slow blink sequences typically involve a series of half-blinks followed by either a prolonged eye narrow or an eye closure. Our first experiment revealed that cat half-blinks and eye narrowing occurred more frequently in response to owners’ slow blink stimuli towards their cats (compared to no owner–cat interaction). In a second experiment, this time where an experimenter provided the slow blink stimulus, cats had a higher propensity to approach the experimenter after a slow blink interaction than when they had adopted a neutral expression. Collectively, our results suggest that slow blink sequences may function as a form of positive
emotional communication between cats and humans.


Communication, blinking, interaction,

Palavras chaves

Comunicação, piscar os olhos, baixar as pálpebras, interação, gatos, felinos

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