Relationship between anti-insulin antibody production and severe insulin resistance in a diabetic cat

27 de abril de 2021

Relação entre a produção de anticorpos anti-insulina e resistência grave à insulina em um gato diabético


Takumi KomiyaAkihiro MoriNaohito NishiiHitomi OdaEri OnozawaSeri SekiToshinori Sako


A 5-year-old castrated male domestic shorthair cat was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis and severe insulin resistance. Although the conventional treatment for diabetic ketoacidosis was provided, the cat required frequent hospitalization because of severe dehydration and repeated diabetic ketoacidosis. We detected anti-insulin antibodies for human in this cat. Serum insulin-binding IgG levels were markedly elevated compared with those in healthy cats and other diabetic cats. We initiated prednisolone to suppress the effects of anti-insulin antibodies. After initiation of prednisolone, the cat was gradually recovered with increasing activity and appetite. Furthermore, satisfactory glycemic control was achieved with combined subcutaneous injection of insulin detemir and insulin degludec.


Anti-insulin antibody; feline diabetes; insulin degludec; insulin detemir; insulin resistance.


Anticorpo anti-insulina; diabetes felino; insulina degludec; insulina detemir; resistência a insulina.


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