Experimental lymphoedema in dogs infected with Brugia spp.

4 de julho de 2020

Linfedema experimental em cães infectados com Brugia spp.


Schacher, J. F., Sulahian, A., Edeson, J. F. B.


Lymphoedema has been produced in the hind legs of 4 dogs infected with 60-600 larvae of Brugia malayi. In one dog the larvae were simply injected subcutaneously on the dorsum of the foot. In 2 dogs lymphangiography was also done, which may have injured the lymphatics. In the fourth dog, the ileo-pelvic abdomino-aortic lymph nodes had been excised 9 months before the inoculation of the larvae. The oedema began about 3 months after inoculation of larvae and has persisted for over a month. In one dog, which was autopsied, the lymphatic trunks were dilated and cord-like and they showed cystic occlusions; the relevant lymph nodes were enlarged and surrounded by fibrous tissue. F. Hawking.

Organism descriptor(s)

BrugiaBrugia malayidogsNematoda


animal parasitic nematodesexperimental infectionhelminthoseshelminthshuman diseasesinfectionslarvaelymph nodeslymphatic systemnematode infectionsoedemaparasitesparasitoses


animal-parasitic nematodes, edema, experimental transmission, nematode parasites of animals, nematodes, nematodes of animals, parasitic diseases, parasitic infestations, parasitic worms, parasitosis, Secernentea, Spirurida

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