Ehrlichia canis in dogs experimentally infected, treated, and then immune suppressed during the acute or subclinical phases

10 de junho de 2020

Cães com infecção experimental por Ehrlichia canis, tratados e posteriormente imunossuprimidos durante a fase aguda e durante fase subclínica.


Masahiko Sato, Julia K. Veir, Sarah B. Shropshire, Michael R. Lappin


Background: Concerns for recrudescence of Ehrlichia canis infection arise when
immunosuppressive drugs are used to treat immune-mediated diseases in dogs previ-
ously infected with E. canis.
Objectives: Determine whether administration of prednisolone and cyclosporine
would reactivate E. canis infection in dogs previously treated with doxycycline during
the acute or subclinical phases.
Animals: Seven beagles previously experimentally infected with E. canis and adminis-
tered doxycycline for 4 weeks were included. Three of the 7 dogs were incidentally
concurrently infected with Anaplasma platys and Babesia vogeli and were adminis-
tered 2 doses of imidocarb 2 weeks apart before enrollment in the current study.
Methods: Experimental study. Each dog was administered prednisolone and cyclosporine
for 6 weeks. Clinical signs, complete blood cell count (CBC), polymerase chain reaction
(PCR) assays for E. canis, A. platys,andB. vogeli DNA in blood, E. canis indirect fluorescent
antibodies (IFA) titers, and flow cytometry for antiplatelet antibodies were monitored.
Results: All dogs completed the immunosuppressive protocol. No evidence for recru-
descence of E. canis, A. platys,orB. vogeli were detected based on clinical signs or
results of CBC, PCR, IFA, and flow cytometry for antiplatelet antibodies. E. canis IFA
titers were negative in 5/7 dogs at the end of immunosuppressive protocol and were
negative 6 months after the protocol in 5/5 dogs available for testing.
Conclusions and Clinical Importance: Dogs administered with a 4-week course of
doxycycline with or without imidocarb failed to show evidence of activation of
E. canis infection after administration of a commonly used immune suppressive


Anaplasma platys, Babesia vogeli, cyclosporine, Ehrlichia canis, prednisolone

Palavras chaves:

Prednisolona, ciclosporina, imunossupressão, erliquiose, babesiose, erliquiose, anaplasmose

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