Accuracy of a flash glucose monitoring system in dogs with diabetic ketoacidosis

11 de junho de 2020

Precisão de um sistema de monitoramento instantâneo de glicose em cães com cetoacidose diabética


Eleonora Malerba; Chiara Cattani; Francesca Del Baldo; Gaia Carotenuto; Sara Corradini; Stefania Golinelli; Ignazio Drudi; Federico Fracassi


Background: A factory-calibrated flash glucose monitoring system (FGMS; FreeStyle
Libre) recently was evaluated in dogs with uncomplicated diabetes mellitus. It is not
known if this system is reliable during diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

Objectives: To assess the performance of the FGMS in dogs with DKA and to determine the effect of severity of ketosis and acidosis, lactate concentration, body condition score (BCS), and time wearing the sensor on the accuracy of the device.

Animals: Fourteen client-owned dogs with DKA.

Methods: The interstitial glucose (IG) measurements were compared with blood glucose (BG) measurements obtained using a validated portable glucometer. The influence of changes in metabolic variables (β-hydroxybutyrate, pH, bicarbonate, and lactate) and the effect of BCS and time wearing on sensor performance were evaluated. Accuracy was determined by fulfillment of ISO15197:2013 criteria.

Results: Metabolic variables, BCS, and time wearing were not associated with the accuracy of the sensor. Good agreement between IG measurements and BG was obtained both before and after DKA resolution (r = .88 and r = .93, respectively). Analytical accuracy was not achieved, whereas clinical accuracy was demonstrated with 100% and 99.6% of results in zones A + B of the Parkes consensus error grid analysis before and after DKA resolution, respectively.

Conclusions and Clinical Importance: Changes in metabolic variables, BCS, and time wearing do not seem to affect agreement between IG and BG. Despite not fulfilling the ISO requirements, the FGMS provides clinically accurate estimates of BG in dogs with DKA.


canine, freestyle libre, interstitial glucose, noninvasive glucose measurement


cães, cetoacidose diabética, mensuração glicose sérica, glucose intersticial

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