The effects of oral administration of Yunnan Baiyao on blood coagulation in beagle dogs as measured by kaolin-activated thromboelastography and buccal mucosal bleeding times

11 de fevereiro de 2021

Efeitos da administração oral de Yunnan Baiyao na coagulação sanguínea em Beagles avaliada por tromboelastografia ativada por kaolin e e tempo de sangramento de mucosa oral.


Jami Frederick, Søren Boysen, Catherine Wagg, Serge Chalhoub


We examined the effects of oral administration of Yunnan Baiyao (YB) on hemostasis by measuring buccal mucosal bleeding times (BMBTs) and doing citrated kaolin-activated whole-blood thromboelastography (TEG). In a randomized controlled crossover trial 8 beagle dogs were given either placebo or 1000 mg of YB orally every 12 h for 5 consecutive treatments. Blood was drawn
24 h before treatment and 2 and 24 h after the last treatment, and the BMBT was measured in each sample in duplicate. The TEG analysis was done in duplicate 60 6 5 min after sample collection. There were no adverse effects of treatment and no significant differences between the control and treatment BMBTs or TEG parameters at any time point. Significant differences were found between baseline and 24 h after the last treatment within the treatment group for the TEG parameters LY30 and LY60 and within the control group for the TEG parameters MA, G, LY30, and LY60. Thus, at the dose and frequency of administration in this study YB did not appear to have any clinically significant effects on the measured coagulation parameters. The differences within the treatment group were likely due to analytic error since similar differences were seen in the control group. Further studies with
a larger sample, as well as more direct measures of platelet function, are needed.


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