Short-term clinical outcomes of 220 dogs with thoraco-lumbar disc disease treated by mini-hemilaminectomy

4 de fevereiro de 2021

Desfechos clínicos de curto prazo de 220 cães com doença do disco toraco-lombar tratados por mini-hemilaminectomia


Ross C ElliottChantel MoonGareth ZeilerRemo Lobetti


Thoraco-lumbar intervertebral disc extrusion is a common condition seen in veterinary practice. Although there are different surgical techniques described for decompression, most of these techniques are based on the surgeon’s preference or experience rather than clinical research. Our objective was to determine the clinical outcomes, using return to ambulation and micturition, as well as complication rates, in a large cohort of dogs by using a mini-hemilaminectomy for decompression of the thoraco-lumbar spinal cord with Hansen type I thoraco-lumbar intervertebral disc extrusions (IVDE). A retrospective study was performed on dogs presented for acute thoraco-lumbar IVDE undergoing surgical decompression. In total, 252 spinal decompression surgeries were performed. The recovery rates for patients graded with a modified Frankel score (MFS) of 5 to 0 were 100%, 99%, 100%, 96%, 86% and 64%, respectively. The mean days to micturition across all the MFS 5–0 were 1.5 (standard deviation [SD] ± 0.7), 1.8 (SD ± 1), 4.3 (SD ± 1.7), 6.4 (SD ± 2.2), 9.3 (SD 3) and 11.9 (SD ± 2.2), respectively. The mean days to ambulation across all the groups 5–0 were 2 (SD ± 0.7), 2.6 (SD ± 1), 7.6 (SD ± 4.4), 10.1 (SD ± 2.5), 16.1 (SD ± 2.9) and 19.3 (SD ± 2.6), respectively. Postoperative complications were seen in 32 of the surgeries, with a complication rate of 13%. Minor complications accounted for 38% of all complications, and major complications constituted 62% of all complications. In total, 15 dogs died or were euthanised as a direct result of thoraco-lumbar disc extrusion or the surgical procedure, with a mortality rate of 6% across all groups. A mini-hemilaminectomy provides similar clinical outcomes described in the literature for other methods of spinal cord decompressive surgery, and it also provides patients with similar short-term outcomes to other described decompressive surgical techniques in the dog, which have been described in the literature.


spinal; surgery; small animals; mini-hemilaminectomy; disc extrusion.


espinhal; cirurgia; pequenos animais ; mini-hemilaminectomia; extrusão de disco.

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