Review of cobalamin status and disorders of cobalamin metabolism in dogs

29 de junho de 2020

Revisão do status de cobalamina, e desordens no metabolismo de cobalamina em cães.


Stefanie Kather, Niels Grützner, Peter H. Kook, Franziska Dengler,  Romy M. Heilmann


Disorders of cobalamin (vitamin B12) metabolism are increasingly recognized in small animal medicine and have a variety of causes ranging from chronic gastrointestinal disease to hereditary defects in cobalamin metabolism. Measurement of serum cobalamin concentration, often in combination with serum folate concentration, is routinely performed as a diagnostic test in clinical practice. While the detection of hypocobalaminemia has therapeutic implications, interpretation of cobalamin status in dogs can be challenging. The aim of this review is to define hypocobalaminemia and cobalamin deficiency, normocobalaminemia, and hypercobalaminemia in dogs, describe known cobalamin deficiency states, breed predispositions in dogs, discuss the different biomarkers of importance for evaluating cobalamin status in dogs, and
discuss the management of dogs with hypocobalaminemia.


Cobalamin deficiency, cubam receptor, folate, homocysteine, hypercobalaminemia,
hypocobalaminemia, methylmalonic acid, vitamin B12.

Palavras chaves:

Deficiência de cobalamina, receptor cubam, folato, homocisteína, hipercolabalonemia, hipocalabalonemia, acido metilalonico, vitamina B12


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