Progressive Facial Lesion in a Community Cat: CRYPTOCOCCOSIS

11 de dezembro de 2020

Lesão facial progressiva em gato comunitário: criptococose

Sarah Steen and Lisa M. Pohlman

Nonose, an intact male community cat incBakersfield, California, estimated to be 3cto 5 years of age, had a slowly progressivefacial lesion and audible respiratory noiseof ≈1 year’s duration, based on reports byhis community caretakers. The facial lesionwas described as alternating between acvisibly encrusted or an opencbleeding wound
According to local community members,cNonose had been in the area for years;che had no known owner, and multipleccaretakers provided him food but werecnever able to handle him. Nonose wasctrapped and transported to a local clinic tocassess the nature and extent of his disease

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