Opioid-Sparing Pain Therapy in Animals: Working Task Force

1 de dezembro de 2020

Força-tarefa para uso moderado de opióides em analgesia animal

William Muir, Jim Berry, Dawn Merton Boothe, Dottie Brown, Tony Buffington, Sharon Campbell, Bernd Driessen, Mark Epstein, Jamie Gaynor, Tamara Grubb, Mike Petty, Kirstin Kirby-Shaw and Tony Yaksh


The following white paper is the result of a special session at the 5th International Veterinary Pain Short Course on pain, pain mechanisms and novel therapies in veterinary medicine held on August 22-25, 2018in San Diego, CA. The organizers of the meeting convened a multi-disciplinary panel composed of individuals with an interest in pain physiology, pain pathophysiology and veterinary pain therapeutics in order to prepare a “white paper” of reasonable approaches clinicians can take to reduce the use of opioids in veterinary practice. While these recommendations are referenced to research publications and public and government web sites they are not the product of a formalized review of randomized clinical trials associated with evidence-based practice guidelines. Additionally, this document has not undergone a formal peer review process associated with scientific journal publication. As such, the document is meant to provide information and as a resource to help practicing veterinarians navigate opioid shortages and the opioid epidemic.


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