Goniometric Assessment in French Bulldogs

1 de dezembro de 2020

Avaliação goniométrica em buldogues franceses


Maira Rezende FormentonLidiane Gonçalves de LimaFlávia Gardilin VassaloJean Guilherme Fernandes JoaquimLaryssa Petrocini RossetoDenise Tabacchi Fantoni


Goniometry is a low-cost, user-friendly and widely available technique used by different veterinary medicine professionals to estimate joint range of motion (ROM). Studies providing breed-specific reference ranges for goniometric measurements are scarce and there is a lack of information regarding joint angles in French Bulldogs. This prospective study set out to determine normal ROM for the carpus, elbow, shoulder, tarsus, stifle and hip joints in healthy, adult French Bulldogs using goniometry. We hypothesized ROM would be similar in this and other dog breeds. Twenty dogs met the inclusion criteria. Sample size was calculated using power analysis based on previous studies. Goniometric measurements were made by a single examiner. Limbs were measured in random order and three measurements made per joint. Dogs were not sedated. Joint angles measured in French Bulldogs in this study were similar to those reported in Labrador Retrievers (shoulder, carpal, and tarsal flexion), Rottweilers (shoulder, carpus, and hip flexion), and Dachshunds (hip, stifle, and tarsal flexion). Similar flexion angles and ROM were detected in right and left limb joints. Findings of this study suggest similar ROM in French Bulldogs and other dog breeds. Lack of radiographic assessment and the fact that goniometric measurements were made by a single examiner were the major limitations of this study.


Canine; dogs; goniometry; physical therapy; range of motion; small animals.


Canino; cães; goniometria; fisioterapia; amplitude de movimento; animais pequenos.

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