Classification of anemia as to the medullary response through reticulocyte count in dogs attended toin the Veterinary Hospital from Federal University of Mato Grosso, CampusSinop

16 de junho de 2020

Classificação de anemia quanto a resposta medular avaliada pela contagem de reticulócito em cães atendidos no Hospital Veterinário da universidade Federal do Mato Grosso, Campus SINOP


D. B.Morais, M. S. Jesus, A. C.Bonatt, D. W. Silva, A.Kataoka


Anemia is defined as the presence of erythrocytes, hemoglobin concentration and/or hematocrit below the
reference values, leading to death if not treated. It is manifested clinically in the presence of pale mucosae, dyspnea,
exercise intolerance and increased heart rate due to reduced tissue oxygenation. The aim of this study was to classify
the anemia according to the medullar response in regenerative with weak, moderate or intense release and nonregenerative with null response, correlating with its possible causes by reticulocyte count. Thus, 50 blood samples from
anemic dogs treated at the Veterinary Hospital of the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, Sinop Campus, were
evaluated. After collection, blood smears were prepared for reticulocyte counting using supravital staining. Of the 50
animals evaluated, 54% (27/50) showed non-regenerative anemia with null response (<60,000 cells/μL), 36% (18/50)
showed regeneration with weak release (60,000 to 150,000 cells/μL) and 10% (5/50) presented moderate to intense
regeneration (>150,000 cells/μL). In conclusion, in this study was observed a predominance of non-regenerative anemia
and a lower incidence of responsive anemia; the medullary response was more evident in hemoparasitosis anemia and
non-regenerative anemia occurred mainly in animals with renal insufficiency, possibly due to insufficient production of


erythropoietic activity, regeneration, red blood cell count

Palavras Chaves:

atividade eritropoiética, regeneração, contagem de hemáceas, contagem de eritrócitos

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