Autologous serum eye drops for ocular surface disorders

23 de abril de 2021

Soro autólogo para desordens oculares superficiais


G Geerling, S MacLennan, D Hartwig


Tears have antimicrobial, nourishing, mechanical, and optical properties. They contain components such as growth factors, fibronectin, and vitamins to support proliferation, migration, and differentiation of the corneal and conjunctival epithelium. A lack of these epitheliotrophic factors—for example, in dry eye, can result in severe ocular surface disorders such as persistent epithelial defects. Recently, the use of autologous serum in the form of eye drops has been reported as a new treatment for severe ocular surface disorders. Serum eye drops may be produced as an unpreserved blood preparation. They are by nature non-allergenic and their biomechanical and biochemical properties are similar to normal tears. In vitro cell culture experiments showed that corneal epithelial cell morphology and function are better
maintained by serum than by pharmaceutical tearsubstitutes. Clinical cohort studies have reported its
successful use for severe dry eyes and persistent epithelialdefects. However, the protocols to prepare and use autologous serum eye drops varied considerably betweenthe studies. As this can result in different biochemical properties protocol variations may also influence the epitheliotrophic effect of the product. Before the definitive role of serum eye drops in the management of severe ocular surface disease can be established in a large randomised controlled trial this has to be evaluated in more detail. In view of legislative restrictions and based upon the literature reviewed here a preliminary standard operating
procedure for the manufacture of serum eye drops is proposed


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