ACVIM consensus statement on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic hepatitis in dogs

27 de fevereiro de 2020

Consenso ACVIM sobre o diagnóstico e tratamento da hepatite crônica em cães


Cynthia R. L. Webster, Sharon A. Center, John M. Cullen, Dominique G. Penninck, Keith P. Richter, David C. Twedt, Penny J. Watson


This consensus statement on chronic hepatitis (CH) in dogs is based on the expertopinion of 7 specialists with extensive experience in diagnosing, treating, and con-ducting clinical research in hepatology in dogs. It was generated from expert opinionand information gathered from searching of PubMed for manuscripts on CH, the Vet-erinary Information Network for abstracts and conference proceeding from annualmeetings of the American College of Veterinary Medicine and the European Collegeof Veterinary Medicine, and selected manuscripts from the human literature onCH. The panel recognizes that the diagnosis and treatment of CH in the dog is a com-plex process that requires integration of clinical presentation with clinical pathology,diagnostic imaging, and hepatic biopsy. Essential to this process is an index of suspi-cion for CH, knowledge of how to best collect tissue samples, access to a pathologistwith experience in assessing hepatic histopathology, knowledge of reasonablemedical interventions, and a strategy for monitoring treatment response andcomplications.


Ascites, bile acids, bilirubin, biopsy, coagulation, copper, hepatic, inflammation, liver,
portosystemic shunting


Ascite, ácidos biliares, biopsia, coagulação, cobre, hepatite, hepático, inflamação, fígado, shunt porto sistêmico

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