ACVIM consensus guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of myxomatous mitral valve disease in dogs

22 de fevereiro de 2020

Diretrizes de consenso da ACVIM para o diagnóstico e tratamento da valvopatia mitral mixomatosa em cães


Bruce W. Keene, Clarke E. Atkins, John D. Bonagura,  Philip R. Fox, Jens Häggström, Virginia Luis Fuentes, Mark A. Oyama, John E. Rush, Rebecca Stepien, Masami Uechi


This report, issued by the ACVIM Specialty of Cardiology consensus panel, revisesguidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of myxomatous mitral valve disease(MMVD, also known as endocardiosis and degenerative or chronic valvular heart dis-ease) in dogs, originally published in 2009. Updates were made to diagnostic, as wellas medical, surgical, and dietary treatment recommendations. The strength of theserecommendations was based on both the quantity and quality of available evidencesupporting diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. Management of MMVD before theonset of clinical signs of heart failure has changed substantially compared with the2009 guidelines, and new strategies to diagnose and treat advanced heart failure andpulmonary hypertension are reviewed.KEYWORDScanine, congestive heart failure, evidence-based treatment, mitral


Canine, congestive heart failure, evidence-based treatment, mitra


Canino, insuficiência cardíaca congestiva, tratamento baseado em evidências, mitral

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