Accredited Colleges of Veterinary Medicine- USA

26 de abril de 2020

Faculdades de medicina veterinária acredidatas, reconhecidas pela AVMA - EUA

Accredited is a classification granted to a college that has no deficiencies in any of the Standards and is granted for a period of up to seven years.

A college with one or more minor deficiencies that have minimal or no effect on student learning or safety, that can be reasonably be addressed in one year, are Accredited with minor deficiencies.

Colleges with a status of Accredited submit annual interim reports to monitor continued compliance with the Standards of Accreditation.

Colleges with a status of Accredited with minor deficiencies submit reports twice a year.

Probationary Accreditation is granted to a college that has one or more major deficiencies that have more than minimal impact on student learning or safety. These deficiencies must be corrected in two years. College must submit reports to the Council
every six months. If minor deficiencies are not corrected within one year, a college will be placed on Probationary Accreditation for one additional year. Colleges must submit reports to the Council every six months.

If a college granted Reasonable Assurance is making adequate progress in complying with the Standards, Provisional Accreditation may be granted to that college on the date that letters of acceptance (admission) are mailed to members of the initial class. When Provisional Accreditation is granted, interim reports are required at six-month intervals to monitor the program’s progress in complying with the Standards.

In particular, changes in business or educational plans must be addressed in detail. Provisional Accreditation status may remain in effect no more than five years if the program complies with the necessary requirements.

A program with Provisional Accreditation for five years or that does not provide continuing evidence that its program will comply with the Standards and its plan may be placed on Terminal Accreditation.

The Council on Education expects that 80% or more of each college’s graduating senior students sitting for the NAVLE will have passed at the time of graduation. If no program graduates take the NAVLE, the Council will use other student educational outcomes in assessing compliance with the standard including those listed in section 12.11.1 of the Accreditation Policies and Procedures of the AVMA Council on Education

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