A novel bone marrow-sparing treatment for primary erythrocytosis in a cat: Onion powder

11 de junho de 2021

Um novo tratamento poupador da medula óssea para eritrocitose primária em um gato: Cebola em pó


Demitria M. Vasilatis, Jennifer E. McGill, Chen Gilor


Primary erythrocytosis (PE) is a rare myeloproliferative neoplasm in cats resulting in the overproduction of erythrocytes. Current treatment modalities include repeated phlebotomy and chemotherapeutic drugs. These treatments may not be well tolerated by the cat and can present safety and financial challenges to owners. Because of the rarity of PE, prospective studies for new treatment options are difficult to perform. This case report describes the novel use of onion powder in an attempt to produce Heinz body-induced erythrocyte destruction in order to decrease total erythrocyte mass and normalize the hematocrit in a cat with PE. To our knowledge, the use of onion powder in the treatment of PE in cats has never been described before and may have potential as a safe, low-cost, and highly accessible alternative treatment for this rare disease.


Clinical pathology, feline, oncology, onion, polycythemia vera, primary erythrocytosis

Palavras chaves

Patologia clínica, oncologia felina, cebola, policitemia vera, eritrocitose primária

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