A comparison of pre and post-operative vedaprofen with ketoprofen for pain control in dogs

1 de dezembro de 2020

Uma comparação de vedaprofeno com cetoprofeno pré e pós-operatório  para controle da dor em cães


Denise Tabacchi FantoniKeila Kazue IdaThais Ingles de AlmeidaAline Magalhães Ambrósio


Background: This prospective randomized blinded clinical study aimed to investigate the potential of vedaprofen for preventive analgesia, comparing its analgesic effects with ketoprofen administered post-operatively in dogs undergoing maxillectomy or mandibulectomy.

Results: Pain control was effective and rescue analgesia was not necessary in any group. Pain scores were not significantly different between groups. The respiratory rate and rectal temperature were decreased in all groups at extubation until 6 hours post-extubation compared to baseline. Cortisol and epinephrine levels were increased only at 0.5 hours after extubation in all groups compared to baseline.

Conclusions: Vedaprofen did not present any preventive analgesic effect. Pre- and postoperative vedaprofen were as effective as ketoprofen for postoperative pain control.


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Sublingual, Analgesia, Preventive, Preemptive



Antiinflamatório não esteroidal, sublingual, analgesia, preventivo, preventivo


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